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In 2003, Leeay first came to Toronto from Japan. Young and unsure of what adventures awaited her in this new city, she studied Liberal Arts at a George Brown College. After one year of uncertainty, she realized that her true calling was to the arts of a more creative sort. Changing her studies to Foundation Design at George Brown, she eventually completed an Illustration program at OCAD University.

Leeay has worked with clients like The New York Times, Vogue Japan, The Globe and Mail, Le Monde, Times Magazine, Atlantic, and Walrus, among others and she is looking for more collaboration opportunities.

Please check www.leeayaikawadesign.com for Graphic Design portfolio.


Leeay would love to hear from you!


The New York Times, Time, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, Avenue Magazine, Alberta Innovates, Canadian Nurse, Vogue Japan, The Atlantic, Rookie, JENNYBIRD jewellery, Spin Master, Eye Weekly,


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