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Bijokai Print

May 13, 2014

I am happy to say that new Bijokai print is available for purchase here:))

The term Bijokai has been used most often by my mother.

She always says “I am going to Bijokai tonight.”

Bijo means beautiful/good looking girl in Japanese. Kai means “meeting.”
Together Bijokai means “Beautiful girls’ meeting,” sort of like “Girls’ Night out” or “Beautiful Girls’ Club” in English!
I am surrounded by diamonds (beautiful girls inside and out!) in Toronto.
If you are surrounded by diamonds like me, you should own this poster 😛
This should always remind you how lucky you are to be around those ladies!

These are limited 17 prints each numbered, stamped and signed. 3 colours.
Discounted price of $15.  (size 11″ x14″)

If you are in Toronto,  Likely General on Ronci also carries my poster!


限定12枚で、インクののりが うまくいかなかったものもあるので値下げ価格が$15です。
(3色刷り、size 27.94 cm x 35.56cm)bijokai-pink1 bijokai-pink2 bijokai4 bjokai-pink3

I also have this print in another colour, but only 12 prints:

bijokai1- bijokai1 bijokai2 bijokai3