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DAIKU Necklaces

July 27, 2014

Last year I made one necklace using hardware materials only and I got a compliment.

It went well with pretty much any style so I wore it quite often and then started to get more compliments.

I was asked to make some for my friends, so I did.

When I made five same necklaces, they looked like nice “products.” So I showed them to a store if they would be interested in carrying my necklace.  They said, “Sure!”

I named the line DAIKU. I have more nine designs today and am still coming up with new designs.

Remember when Ariel once used a fork as comb in Little Mermaid?

DAIKU uses hardware materials for modern women’s jewellery.

Indeed I still have no idea what a lot of materials are used for in real life!  Haha!

Today 8 stores in Canada carries DAIKU necklaces.

You can visit:

Coal Miners Daughter (Queen West, Toronto)

Sylvie and Shimmy (Parkdale, Toronto)

Timeless Apparel (Queen West, Toronto)

Model Citizen (Kensington, Toronto)

Victoire (Ossington Village Toronto and 2 locations in Ottawa)

General 54 (Mile End, Montreal)

They are all beautiful independent stores which usually support Canadian designers.  Go visit them if you are around!


Or simply visit my SHOP online:) I ship worldwide.


DAIKU necklace will complete your look!





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