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Happy New Year 2017 is Rooster

January 1, 2017

Every year, I create an illustration of an animal of the year for my parents’ New Year’s Card.

2017 is Rooster! As soon as I found out that it is Rooster, I just wanted to make it really colourful and started to colour paper with acrylic and water colour paint.

Later I started to move scissors as if I am sculpting in 2D surface. I often find it liberating to do it without sketch. It is a very intuitive approach that I had to follow.

The only outcome was that even though I made the whole rooster figure, I ended up cropping so much to show only head, as it was lucking in dynamics when you show the whole body. (My dad always loves to see dynamics especially in the new year card!) Anyways, you can purchase my framed Rooster at Etsy if you are interested! I will update link soon.